Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Daniel Baker - "Special Forces Family/Party LSD BOYS"

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Daniel Baker
"Special Forces Family/Party LSD BOYS"

July 31st
Hand Loom Lament
7 track DL/limited CD-R's

The Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour presents Forgetting About Finland

Like finding a crumpled, dirtied copy of Razzle left in a bush some time during the summer of 1996, the Hand Loom Lament Radio Hour is back to remind you of the simple pleasures in life.
Presenting an hour and a half of Finnish show tunes, skittish sound poetry, Memphis hip hop and selected outsider weirdness.
Also includes an exclusive, unfinished version of a new track I'm working on for the next release under my own name.
Music from Leyland Kirby aka The CaretakerSUE ZUKI, Kleft (aka Vickie McDonald), IX TabNON Records etc etc etc.
Also, bare witness to a vocal tic of mine which I've just become painfully aware of and bemuses and saddens me in equal measure throughout the entire process.

Friday, January 27, 2017

"The Housing Estate Sings" in The Wire

Some very kind words in the latest edition of The Wire from Daniel Barrow.

CD-R's and PWYL D/L still available from both myself and the venerable Amoebic Industries.

Dancehall 12

The latest of issue of Dancehall journal features a pullout poster with art by Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides) and my auto improvised/prose/poem/cut n paste assemblage "Working People Are Happy People".

It's a rumination on capitalism, mental health, the impoverishment of Improv with a capital "I" and the brilliance of Hijokaidan. 

The full issue will be available from soon. 

It also contains work from HLL comrade Marie Thompson in the form of a piece tackling the auditory politics of gentrification, which I can't recommend highly enough. 

You can download a PDF of the pullout here. No need to squint. 


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Theme Time Reification Hour episode 3 feat. Ship Canal

The latest episode of Theme Time Reification Hour (brought to you by Object Agency Ltd)features a new mix from Ship Canal.
Decolonized bass, dosed electronics, spoken word, kitchen sink anti-rock and the story of a legendary pro wrestler escaping from war torn Italy.

1.Claire Potter and Bridget Hayden-Ste's Face is Full 

2.Anne Gillis - No 1 Side B 
3.Angel Ho -Bury Me (Banished remix ex Desire Marea) 
5.Yeah You - Myopia 
6.Richard Brautigan - These Are The Sounds of My Life in San Francisco 
7.Pheromoans - Ion 
8.Tinashe - Lucid Dreaming 
9.DJ NJ Drone - Cones Wus 
10.Vivien Goldman - PA Dub 
11.Bruno Sammartino Empty Arena Interview 
12.The Shadow Ring - Here Come The Candles
Woebot on The Housing Estate Sings:

"Of all the incompetent useless bastards working in the field of music Daniel Baker, aka Ship Canal, would have to be the most incompetent and useless. If you can imagine the least professional musician in the world - perhaps one of the aka pygmies - then magically make them ten times less professional - then, reader, you have Daniel Baker.

Famously, legendarily, working on a stolen and broken twenty-year old laptop with cracked software; Ship Canal make the most resolutely uncommercial music it is possible to. This has been proved by experts. Great sludgy slabs of soft-synth dirge layered with what sounds like deliberately badly-recorded drunken wails and yelps slathered over with cheap reverb like a Bisto gravy. The LP's youtube video, the featured visuals for "The Housing Estate Sings", is a full-length documentary about the history of Manchester's docks - possibly the most unremittingly depressing video I have ever seen. I've now watched it three times.

You can only imagine the chaos and traffic jams that would beset Central London if by freak accident even one of these tracks were played on Capital Radio in the morning. People would be ashen-face, weeping, prostrate over their Toyotas. 

And yet, and yet, lurking in the cracked non-grooves like those on my favouritely monikered "Rich Folk Came and Took My Cheap Alcohol" there is a singular humanity which is at once uplifting, self-deprecating and funny and an acutely sensitive musical intelligence to boot. There is a beauty here which has no name."

Ship Canal-The Housing Estate Sings (CD-R/Digital). £3 CD-R/PWYW Digital. Out NOW on Amoebic Industries. Inc art by Vickie Mcdonald